What is a Hammertoe?

Hammertoe Definition

Hammertoe is a condition in which a toe becomes crooked and and points downward. Hammertoe is most commonly found in the toe next to the big toe or the pinky toe. Hammertoe is an issue that affects women more than men. Hammertoes become painful because of the constant rubbing against, other toes or shoes. This constant rubbing will usually cause a corn to form on the areas where the rubbing occurs.

Hammertoe Types

There are two types of hammertoe, flexible and rigid. It is important to get your hammertoe treated while there is still has movement because it is much easier to correct the problem at that stage. many people ignore hammertoes as it may not cause significant problems in their day to day activities. Over time the toe becomes rigid and loses movement and flexibility. Tendons and Joints over time stop working properly and also lose flexibility. For this reason the longer you wait to see your podiatrist to properly treat your hammertoe, the more likely it that non-surgical means will be able to fix it.

Hammertoe Treatment

Your podiatrist can treat your hammertoe with a variety of different remedies depending on the severity of the condition. Removal of the tough skin or corns associated with the hammertoe can ease the pain. The wearing of improper footwear can be a cause of hammertoe, and in this case the podiatrist can recommend or provide you with footwear that will allow your toes the proper space it needs. Your feet are not supposed to hurt. Please contact our office today if your are experiencing any symptoms of hammertoe.

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