What is a Podiatrist?

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Some people call us Podiatrists – others call us foot doctors. We really don’t care what you call us, it’s more important that you know why we’re important.

A podiatrist is dedicated to the treatment of foot and ankle problems.

Many people ignore foot pain and decide to just live it – this is not good. Your feet are not “supposed” to hurt. Often foot pain, discoloration, or numbness can be an alert for very serious health issues, and it is very important you see your podiatrist to have the problem diagnosed and properly treated to prevent worse problems in the future.

It is very important if you are diabetic to see a podiatrist regularly. Because of the nature of the disease, diabetics are at high risk of severe foot problems. Your foot doctor should closely monitor the health of your feet and see to it that you that you are wearing the proper socks and orthotics when necessary.

There are many conditions that can bring you into see a podiatrist in Columbus, and none of them should be ignored. Common foot issues include:

There’s a common misconception about Podiatry treatments. Most think that the treatments are painful and require in patient surgery.

The truth is, most treatments are non invasive and pain free. As providers of Podiatry services to the Columbus, OH area, we pride ourselves in taking care of our patients and making sure that they are comfortable with the treatments and solutions we provide.

If you have any foot condition or sustained a foot or ankle injury call and schedule an appointment at our podiatrist office today.

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